ezmanage - Manage multiple ezmlm mailing list via web

Ezmanage provides a simple WWW interface to managing multiple ezmlm mailing lists. It is designed to enable ISPs to provide their clients with easily administratable mailing lists, to create a virtual domain lists.example.com with mailing lists in it, etc.

Ezmanage is based on qmail and ezmlm-idx, and takes advantage of their reliability and efficiency.


2001-10-13 Looking for a lead developer

Time has passed and the world looks different. I haven't used ezmanage in well over a year, and maintain no mailing lists under qmail. It's time to pass the torch. Any reader with decent Perl skills, still actively using qmail and ezmlm-idx, is welcome to step up and call ezmanage his own.

If no one steps up, I'll let the Sourceforge project live as the a download site for the old code, but will otherwise do no maintenance on the code.

2000-03-24 Release v1.9

Version 1.9 has been released. This version contains mostly cleanup changes, but is the first public release. Please have a look. You can download it from the project page.


Overview of available documentation.


Ezmanage needs to be ported to a newer ezmlm. The never ezmlm also needs to be packaged for Debian.

See the project page at SourceForge.


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